what is 1/2 birthday ideas ?

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what is 1/2 birthday ideas ?

half birthday party ideas

birthday parties are for children whose birthdays fall in December and January and their birthdays are overshadowed by holidays. And they can even be used as a special casual party look for kids whose birthday is any time during the year! The easiest way to determine when a half birthday party should be is to add 6 months to the date of their actual birthday. If a child’s birthday falls on 24th December, then do the party on 24th June.

A fun way to remember him and make his birthday special is with a half birthday party.

Set the date as 6 months from their actual birthday as possible.

Half birthdays should be casual and fun and fun! Be creative and you won’t have to spend a lot of money to celebrate.

Sing this song at Half Birthday Party!

half birthday to you

half birthday to you

half birthday dear

Half Birthday to you!

half birthday invitation

These are our favorite ideas for half birthday party invitations. Be creative and have fun!

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Draw all the party information on a blank note card in such a way that it is on only one side of the card.

Cut birthday party invitations in two and send in 1/2 envelope (be sure to include all of the party information on 1/2 card).

half birthday decoration ideas

There are many ways to decorate a half birthday – here are just a few.
Decorate only half of the party room. Decorate only half of the party table. Decorate half of the room with streamers and the other half with helium balloons. Buy heavy duty paper plates and cut them in half and set the party table with them. Fill the drink cup only half full. Or serve the drink in 1/2 cup measuring cups.

If you are serving appetizers or food, put them on 1/2 of the serving tray/dish. Decorate the party table with two tablecloths of different colors. Cut the party area in half with a Happy Birthday To You banner. Sign up or put up a banner that says “Happy Half”.

Wrap the gift box only halfway.

half birthday party games

Play half of some games or take two games and mix half of those games into a new game. Play classic birthday party games like musical chairs, eggs and spoon races or pin the tail on the donkey. Play only half of the classic game or mix it up with another game for a surprising ending!
If your child likes sports then do a half time show. Check out our list of birthday party games and choose several that you can play 1/2 of the game.

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Race to fill buckets of water using 1/2 cup measuring cups – ask kids to race as teams or against each other.

funny idea

Wrap several small gifts and let the 1/2 birthday child open them every half hour during the party. Or if you are inviting guests to the party set a timer for every 1/2 hour and when the timer goes off all the kids have to run to the party table to do whatever they want. If the timer goes off in the middle of a game or activity, they all have to wait until a gift is opened.

Wrap several small gifts and let the birthday child unwrap them in half an hour. Label each present with the time it should be opened.

Instead of gifts give the child coupons that they can use for the remainder of the year (they should end on their actual birthday) such as staying up 1/2 hour after bedtime, reading them an extra 1/2 a story, getting an extra half piece of sweets in one night, etc.


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