How to solve 20 cm in inches ?

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Let us know how to solve this question How to solve 20 cm in inches ?

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How to solve 20 cm in inches ?

Note :- Centimeters and inches are the units used to measure length.

To convert 20 cm to inches,

We know that
1 centimeter =0.393701 inch

Then ,
Multiply 20 cm by 0.393701 inch.

20 cm = 20 x 0.393701 inch

20 cm = 7.874 inches

20 cm is equal to 7.874 inches. ANSWER

Another way to solve the problem:-

Converting units can be difficult. Let’s say you are measuring with a ruler which is marked in centimeters. You get a measurement of 20 cm, but you need to know what is in inches.

Converting from one set of units to another involves multiplying by a conversion factor. A conversion factor is made up of both numbers and units in a fraction. The units above and below this fraction represent the same measurement but are expressed in different units.

A – Use the correct conversion factor

1 inch (inches) is the same length as 2.54 centimeters (cm). So, what is the conversion factor to go from centimeters to inches?

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To get this conversion factor, we put the units we’re converting at the top, and the units we’re converting from the bottom, like this:

(1 inch) / (2.54 cm)

B – Multiply by the number of old units we have
Our original problem was to convert 20 centimeters to inches, so we’ll multiply by 20 centimeters:

{(1 inch) / (2.54 cm)} (20 cm)

This step actually consists of 2 parts:

B, A – check units

At this point, it is important to check and make sure the units will come out correctly.
In this case, we have units of centimeters on both the top and bottom of the fraction.
Dividing one centimeter by one centimeter equals 1, which has no units, we say that the units cancel out. This leaves us with units of inches, which is the unit we were hoping for for our final answer. Now we can go to B

B, A Calculate

Since we’ve checked the units, we can ignore them for now and just look at the math.

\displaystyle \text{= }\frac{1}{{2.54}}\times 20

\displaystyle \text{= }\frac{{20}}{{2.54}}

\displaystyle \text{= 7}\text{.87 Inches ANSWER}

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