How to solve 1/2 gallon to cups ?

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How to solve 1/2 gallon to cups ?

The gallon is a unit of measurement for liquid volume. A US liquid gallon measures 3.785 liters (rounded), while an Imperial (UK) gallon measures 4.546 liters (rounded). This is an important difference – the Imperial gallon is 20% larger than the US gallon.

Let’s get detailed information about it,

gallon measurement
US Liquid Gallon: 3.785411784 L
US dry gallon: 4.405 liters (rarely used)
Imperial (UK) gallon: 4.54609 liters
cup measure
When it comes to cups, again there are different sizes. There are three main ones to be aware of:

US Cup: 236.588 ml
Imperial Cup (UK recipe from before the 1970s): 284.131 ml
Metric cup (used in UK and Commonwealth countries): 250 ml
This is background information. Let’s move on to the actual conversions…

US Gallons to Cups
1 gallon (US, fluid) = 16 cups (US)
1 gallon (dry, US) = 18.618355 cups (US)
UK Gallons to Cups
1 gallon (UK, imperial) = 16 cups (UK, imperial)
1 gallon (UK, Imperial) = 18.18436 cups (metric)
Considering the 20% difference between US gallons and Imperial gallons, if you are in the UK and want to do the ‘Water Gallon Challenge’, you might consider converting to metric cups for US gallons. 1 gallon (US, fluid) = 15.1416 metric cups.

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Thus after understanding all the information,

[ U.S. Gallon to cups ]

1 gallon (U.S. ,Fluid) = 16 cups (U.S.)

1/2 gallon (U.S. ,Fluid) = 8 cups (U.S.) Answer


1 gallon (Dry, U.S. ) = 18.618355 cups (U.S.)

1/2 gallon (Dry, U.S. ) = 9.3091775 cups (U.S.) Answer

[ U.K. Gallon to cups ]

1 gallon ( U.K. ,imperial ) = 16 cups (U.k. imperial )

1/2 gallon ( U.K. ,imperial ) = 8 cups (U.k. imperial ) Answer


1 gallon ( U.K. ,imperial ) = 18.18436 cups ( Metric )

1/2 gallon ( U.K. ,imperial ) = 9.09218 cups ( Metric ) Answer

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