How to convert decimal to fraction ?

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how to convert decimal to fraction ?


A decimal number is a number that has a dot (.) or a decimal point between the digits. Basically, decimals are nothing but a fraction with a denominator of 10 or a multiple of 10. For example, 4.23, 12.65, 55.1, 3.8, 7.234, etc. are decimals.


A fraction is a part of a whole number. It is represented as the ratio of two numbers a/b, where P and Q are integers, also Q 0. The two numbers are called numerator and denominator. For example, 2/3 is a division of 2, 5/4 is a division of 5, etc. We can perform all arithmetic operations on fractions. There are three types of fractions, proper, improper and mixed.

How to convert a decimal number to a fraction?

Write the given decimal number as P /Q in the form Q =1. Now multiply and divide the numerator and denominator by 10n to n decimal places. Now simplify the obtained fraction.


To convert a decimal number into a fraction, we should write 1 (one) just below the decimal point and write 0 (zero) in front of 1 for as many digits as there are in front of the decimal.
In this way, the new number formed is multiplied from the given number up and down.

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Let us understand this with an example.

Convert 25.805 (Decimal Number) to Fraction:-

\displaystyle 25.805\times \frac{{1000}}{{1000}}

\displaystyle \frac{{25805.000}}{{1000}}

\displaystyle \frac{{25805}}{{1000}}

\displaystyle \frac{{5161\times 5}}{{200\times 5}}

\displaystyle \frac{{5161}}{{200}}

\displaystyle 25\frac{{161}}{{200}}answer

How to convert decimal to fraction.

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